FilGoal | News | Cartieron Conference: Opening the replacement is good news … and the Mazembe match will differ completely from the first leg


Patrice Cartier, the French coach of Zamalek, expressed his pleasure at the news of the opening of the replacement in the African list.

Carteron spoke during the press conference before the meeting of Mazembe in the African Champions League, about his team’s preparations to meet, while he also spoke about the status of his current list and absences.

The Carteron Conference was as follows.

Mazembe encounter

“The Mazembe match will be strong, especially after losing in the first three. We have collected six points from two games on our home, and one point from outside the ground. Now we must make the effort to qualify.”

“There is no comparison between the first leg and the tomorrow match. I took over after the loss, and the team was at that time going through draws and losses. At that time I was able to rearrange the cards and return again. There is no comparison, and Mazembe is a big team that has not lost on Malaba for years.”

Possibility of not traveling to Qatar

“This matter has nothing to do with tomorrow’s meeting. We have a big meeting tomorrow, and our focus in a meeting tomorrow only, especially as there is a meeting in front of Al-Ahly in the super.”

Zamalek faces Tunisia’s Esperance on February 14th in the African Super Cup. A match set for Doha, the capital of Qatar.

His time with Mazembe

Mazembe had a good period, as I am the last coach to have been brought into the CAF Champions League. There are many players that I yearn for. ”

“An opportunity also to meet the President of Mazembe with whom I have a good relationship. They are definitely a great team.”

Carteron led Mazembe from 2013 to 2016, achieving the CAF Champions League title.

Zamalek ready

“Our players are ready. I tried to cure fatigue, and everyone is ready now.”

Why is one striker in the list

“The list contains one striker, Mustafa Mohamed, but on the field there are many offensive players, like Shikabala and Ashraf Bennachri. There is no danger in it.”

Right front problem

“One of the players left us (meaning Hamdi al-Naqaz), but we have Hazem Imam. In the event of absence, there are alternatives such as Muhammad Abdel-Ghani who previously participated in this center, along with Ahmed Eid Al-Nasheed presented to us from the junior sector.”

Open the African replacement

“Good news. Ahmed Eid is likely to be with us to resolve any matter in this center.”

Team absences

“Abdullah Juma is injured and the qualification has begun and he will be ready soon, but luckily we have many distinguished players. I have 18 players in the camp, they all have enthusiasm and readiness. The more ready it will be tomorrow with the formation.”

Zamalek is preparing to face Mazembe on Friday evening, in the fifth round of the African Champions League matches.

Zamalek is second in Group A standings with 7 points, behind Mazembe, who leads with 10 points.

Choose the perfect Zamalek formation against Mazembe from here.

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