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Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the national team, sent a message to everyone before the start of the Pharaohs’ journey this year in the qualifiers for the 2021 Nations Cup and the 2022 World Cup.

Al-Badri said on the first channel, “I want to deal in a realistic, logical, depth and credible manner, and support the Egypt team away from any colors, factions, differences, love and hate.”

He added, “The same words for the players must be supported away from love and hate. Rather, it is necessary to support them because the circumstances compel us to include players to face numerical deficiencies or injuries.”

He stressed, “It is necessary to avoid any negative criticism, so that we can complete some of the media with the technical staff and the players, who are directing the coach’s work to please the Egyptian fans.”

“My success will be a success for the Egyptian coaches, and I hope that success will bring me success to achieve the dreams of the Egyptian fans, and I have great confidence in the capabilities of the players to achieve them.”

On the draw for the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup, he added, through Cairo and Al-Nas channel, “We hope the matches will be arranged in our favor. We must be more powerful and willing than the rest of the teams, to achieve what the Egyptian fans want.”

On the most important difficulties facing the work of the technical staff, Hossam Al-Badri pointed out, “The return of the Nations Cup for the Winter, and pressed the league table very significantly, which prevents any interruptions or gatherings for the Egyptian team, and we need more time for harmony on and off the field.”

He added, “There is no weak team in the second classification, they are all distinguished teams, while the third and fourth rankings guarantee teams far from the qualifiers or club championships.”

He added, “The Libyan national team signed us with one of the best second-ranked teams, and almost qualified for the last qualifiers from a group that included Nigeria and South Africa, as the team was the most scoring in the two groups, and includes distinguished players and professionals in the Arab leagues.”

He noted, “Angola clubs are also always present in the Champions League and the Confederation, while the Gabonese team includes several professionals in Europe among its ranks.”

“All of them are teams with experience and experience in the qualifiers, the group is not easy, but at the same time I trust a lot in the players, and I am sure that the coming period will be different from the past, which witnessed many difficulties.”

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