FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly: Ramadan Sobhi will not catch the match of the coastal star


The medical staff of Al-Ahly team revealed the difficulty of catching Ramadan Subhi by facing the coastal star scheduled for next Sunday.

Al-Ahly will host the coastal star team next Sunday in the fifth round of the group stage matches in the African Champions League.

The medical device explained through the official website of Al-Ahly that the technical staff wanted to fully slow down during the preparation of Ramadan Sobhi, to ensure that he recovered from the effects of tearing the posterior muscle.

The technical staff wants to prepare the player for the important February matches at the local and African levels.

Al-Ahly will play on February 1 against Al-Hilal Al-Sudan at the end of the group stage, followed by the confrontations of Pyramids, Al-Jisaa Al-Jaish, Al-Masry and Zamalek twice in the local super and the Egyptian league.

The team’s defender, Saad Samir, also started his rehabilitation program to recover from the effects of his recent Achilles tendon surgery in Germany.

Samir is carrying out rehabilitative exercises in the gym according to the program set for him after his return to Cairo.

While Al-Ahly medical device reassured the duo Hamdi Fathi and Muhammad Mahmoud through Khaled Mahmoud, the team’s doctor.

Al-Ahly will resume training tomorrow, Wednesday, after giving coach Rene Fyler the team two days to breathe in after the matches were pressed.

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