FilGoal | News | Adel Mostafa: Mido’s expulsion affected us in front of Pyramids


Adel Moustafa, the coach of the Egyptian club Al-Maqassa team, believes that, as usual, and unlike the last games, the team is losing despite the fact that it was the best and in control of the course of things.

The set-off was lost to Pyramids 3-0 in the 14th round of the Egyptian League.

After the match, Adel Mostafa said: “We presented a strong and good match against Pyramids, and the mistakes that occurred in the meeting are the cause of the loss, and clearing is one of the teams that created the most opportunities for competitors in most games.”

The coach stressed that despite the team’s superiority in the match against Pyramids specifically in the first half, the team received a goal from Pyramids as well as the second and third goals came, and the technical staff is trying to remedy defensive errors.

He continued, “The dismissal of coach Ahmed Hossam Mido affected the players a lot on the field, and the coach does not deserve expulsion and was talking to referee Mahmoud Al-Banna naturally, but he was surprised by expulsion, stressing that the mistakes are continuing and for the seventh meeting in a row, the team is much better but he loses the match.”

“The team is suffering from the failure to open the exchange door and restricting new deals and allowing the player the size of Ayman Hefni to play with the team, and the current group of players is very good, but it needs time to adapt and with successive meetings, things will be better.”

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