FilGoal | News | Abdel Hafeez: We trust 11 players and their substitutes in every meeting … and qualifying is in the hands of Al-Ahly


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly Club, has confidence in the capabilities of his players before confronting the coastal star, in order to resolve the qualification.

Al-Ahly faces the coastal star tomorrow night at Al-Salam stadium, in the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League.

“Our match against the coastal star is very important. I hope that the players will be successful,” Sayed Abdel-Hafeez said in statements to the media center.

“Al-Ahly has many absences due to injuries, but the big team always has the appropriate alternatives and solutions to meet such conditions,” he added.

The ball director followed, “We have full confidence in the 11 players and their substitutes in each of the next two games, and that they will be at their best levels to tip Al-Ahly and resolve the move to the quarter-finals.”

Abdel Hafeez completed, “Decisiveness will be in the hands of our players to climb through the two matches of Al-Najm and Al-Hilal, but we deal with each match separately. Al-Ahly is currently considering meeting the star, and he has completed his preparation for the match well, after which we start preparing for the confrontation of Al-Hilal in Sudan in the last round of the group stage. “.

On the other hand, Swiss coach Rene Filer held a session with team captain Sharif Ekrami on the sidelines of the team squad today, Saturday.

The session came to talk about the preparations for the Tunisian coastal star game.

Al-Ahly is currently in third place in the ranking of the second group of the African Champions League, with 7 points.

Al-Ahly needs four points from the remaining two games to ensure qualification, while it needs to win the two games for the lead. (See Al Ahly’s qualification scenarios from here)

Choose the perfect Al-Ahly formation to cross the coastal star from here.

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