FilGoal | News | A strong attack by Ahmed Mujahid on Schubert .. And “by law Abu Rida is a member of the Football Association”


The Football Association Conference after exiting the World Cup – Ahmed Mujahid

Ahmed Mujahid said that Hani Abu Raida, the former president of the Football Association, remains a member of the current Football Association despite his resignation after the team’s exit from the last African Nations Cup.

A former board member of the Football Association explained during his hosting of the match program via the echo channel of the country, “By law and regulations … Abu Raida is a member of the Football Association, because he is assigned by the Secretary General of the International Federation to supervise the temporary committees that have been appointed by (FIFA), including the five-year committee of the Football Association “.

“Abu Raida does not interfere in the daily work system of the current Football Association, but rather provides support and assistance at the level of regulations or interference with the African Union if it is necessary to change the date of some Egyptian club and national team matches in the continental championships.”

“Hani Abu Ridah has intervened to amend the date of my Al-Ahly match with the coastal star, as well as Zamalek with Mazembe so that neither of them contradicts the country’s celebrations on January 25, and also so that the crisis of the Generation match will not be repeated,” he said.

Ahmed Mujahid said in another context, “A clash of interests that the previous council touched upon, and it dealt with working in the media, but who is accountable to whom?”

“The Football Association has not finalized the amendments to the bylaws yet, and I confirm that the International Federation’s regulation includes a clear clause called (conflict of interests).”

Ahmed Mujahid turned to talk about Ahmed Shubert, former vice president of the Football Association, asking, “How does a football federation give a letter to the Arab federations participating in the African Nations Cup, saying that Ahmed Shubert, the deputy of the federation, is coming to hold a media meeting with you?”

“Maybe Captain Schubert did not feel that he had a role throughout his presence for 9 months, and he started devoted to problems by gaining some members,” Mujahid suggested. “He entered the Football Association after qualifying for the World Cup and ascended to the final of the Nations Cup, and things were going well in the system.”

At the end of his statements, Mujahid stressed, “Ahmed Schubert has not had a tangible role in the crisis of payment of rulers’ dues.”

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