FilGoal | News | A source in the clearing of Joule: Wednesday’s meeting to determine Mido’s fate … his closest departure


A source inside the Egyptian Clearinghouse Club revealed that the club’s board of directors will meet on Wednesday to discuss the fate of the coach’s technical team, Ahmed Hossam “Mido”.

The source said to “The meeting will be held especially after the head of the club, Mohamed Abdel Salam, came back from abroad two days ago, especially since he was hoping to win during the next games and change the team shape.”

The source concluded, “There is a difference between members on whether or not Mido remains, but it is more likely that the relationship between the two parties will be ended.”

Mido said earlier that one of the clearing officials had informed him, via the manager of the ball, Syed Metwally, of his resignation from the team’s training.

But Mido made it clear to the “Evening of Lights” program on Cairo and Al-Nas TV: “I will not submit my resignation even if I lose the next match against the Vanguard of the Army.”

“I knew there was a trend for my departure before the Pyramids match, if the results did not improve,” Mido revealed.

The set-off was lost to Pyramids 3-0 in the 14th round of the Egyptian League.

The 36-year-old won only 3 out of 17 games, leading them to the 15th league team.

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