“Fatty meals” are behind the sudden separation of Rihanna from the Saudi billionaire


New information revealed circumstances The sudden separation between the Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jamil, and the international singer RihannaAfter 3 years of the relationship that sparked widespread controversy, and while the magazine “Weekly” reported that the separation between “Rhianna .. Jamil” was calm, the famous blog “Chalon Lester” quoted sources close to the “Rihanna” details related to the separation process And she stopped at “forcing Hassan Jamil for Rihanna to eat meals that caused her to be overweight”.

“Chalon Lester” stated that the Saudi billionaire (31 years old) was “hiding the snacks that Rihanna consumes throughout the day, and deliberately losing her in the plane and the car to force her to eat fatty meals all the time in order to increase her weight significantly, and that the most income singer in the world, She increased her weight from 125lbs to 200lbs during the course of their relationship, which is a noticeable increase.

The couple, “Rihanna .. Jameel”, was last seen together on an Italian coast last August, and members of their families took part in the holiday. They also had dinner in a famous restaurant in Santa Monica. And “Rihanna” was not the first lady in the life of the Saudi billionaire In 2012, after he married the Tunisian art critic, Lina Lazar (37 years old), he separated from her in 2017.

Rihanna is awaiting this month her new set of “Valentine’s Day Savage x Fenty”, as part of her famous product lines, and the international singer separated from her boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009, two years later, and after the spread of photos of them after she fought a hand with him, and soon returned again In 2013, before they separated several months later, the pop star who sits on the throne of the richest singers in the world, has many rumors of her emotional life, her name was previously associated with international actor Leonardo DiCaprio, rock singer Drake month, as well as Ryan Philip.

Hassan Jameel is the vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Company, which is one of the largest companies in the world, with exclusive distribution rights for Japanese “Toyota” cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and 7 other countries. The value of the wealth of the Hassan Jameel family is estimated at 1.5 billion. Dollars, according to Forbes.

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