Expose the true cause of the climate disaster


Expose the true cause of the climate disaster

Kevin Krajick / Earth Institute

Thaw the electrode

American Columbia University scientists have discovered that the substances that destroy the ozone layer are responsible for about half of the catastrophic effect that human activity has on the climate.

According to EurekAlert, researchers have discovered that ozone-destroying substances that are widely used since the 1920s and 1930s as refrigerants, solvents, etc. caused a third of global warming during the years 1995-2005, and are also responsible for high arctic temperatures and melting ice during The same period. These substances play the role of supplementing the effect of carbon dioxide, but with the discontinuation of their use the effect started to decrease.

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Expectations of severe climate disasters on our planet

To assess the effect of ozone-destroyers and their effects on climate change, scientists have used two different climate models, designed by the American National Center for Atmospheric Research.

It is reported that the 1989 Montreal Protocol obliges all to stop producing ozone-destroying substances worldwide. This is due to the high concentration of most of these substances in the Earth’s atmosphere in the last years of the twentieth century, and after that it started to decrease. But the great influence of these substances on the atmosphere over the past 50 years is still felt.

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