Expose cancer hidden by seeing “tumor breathing” in real time


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Expose cancer hidden by vision


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Researchers have found that magnet scans can monitor breast cancer tumors in real time and detect parts that grow faster.

Imaging technology, which was used in humans for the first time, involves making a chemical in the body magnetic, and scanning it with an MRI machine.

The magnetic field comes from a chemical that cancer cells use naturally, so their rate of disappearance shows how active the cancer is.

This can help clinicians discover what kind of cancer a person is suffering from, and how they behave at a particular time.

The UK’s Cambridge Cancer Research Institute led the study and tested the method on 7 patients at Addenbrooke Hospital in the city.

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By using magnetic examination, the research team can know how quickly the tumor has grown, and thus determine the urgent need for treatment. It works by making a natural chemical, called pyruvate, magnetic and then injecting it into the patient’s body.

Cancer burns pyruvate to generate energy and make the building blocks for new cells, possibly cancerous cells. By placing the patient in an MRI scanner, experts can monitor how quickly the tumor uses magnetic pyruvate in real time, and thus its growth speed.

Understanding the internal procedures of the tumor can help clinicians obtain very accurate treatments and avoid patients being treated or over-treated.

“This is one of the most detailed images of breast cancer metabolism,” said Professor Kevin Brendel, a senior researcher in the study. Individual, and discover whether patients respond to treatments, such as chemotherapy, sooner than is currently possible. ”

The test results are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Source: Daily Mail


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