Exclusively the seventh episode of the series of the resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel through the ATV channel .. Interesting details and a new victory


Resurrection Othman, the seventh episode 7, after the success of the historical series Resurrection Osman Ibn Artgrel, which is presented exclusively by ITV channel through its screen, many viewers are now searching for the seventh episode of the historical Turkish series, which revolves around the Ottoman Empire and the youngest son of King Artgrel, who He managed to transfer the state from weakness and poverty to singing and strength.

The events of the Resurrection Osman series

The Turkish Resurrection series, Osman bin Artgrel, is a series starring the Turkish star Burak Ozgevit, who plays the role of Osman, the son of King Artgrel, in addition to the presence of Gunduz B and Savage B in the role of the first and second brother of Burak Ozgvit in this series, and the events of the series revolve around the Ottoman Empire and its rise again At the hands of Osman bin Artgrel, after being surrounded by poverty, weakness and fear, Osman returned it again to a rich, powerful country capable of wars and victory in many battles that had strengthened from the power of the Ottoman Empire and returned to be one of the great countries in the world at the hands of Osman bin Artgrel, who assumed power behind Father Yeh Ottoman king Ertugrul.

The seventh episode of the series, the resurrection of Osman bin Artgrel

After witnessing the previous sixth episode of the series of the Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel, she witnessed many interesting events, wars and achievements for Othman bin Artgrel, and the fifth episode witnessed the arrival of Osman’s army to the Kay tribe camp and this for receiving treatment and then they were arrested and sent to prison by Mr. Dundar, after He stripped them of their weapons, and Sofia fell into the trap of Othman bin Artgrel, who managed to get the antidote from her to treat Mrs. Pala Khatoon and was cured of poison in the sixth episode, and Othman’s cousin sought to marry him, many and many viewers in the Arab world are waiting to watch the seventh episode of the Muslim The historical Cel, whose search rate has increased more than any other episode, and all the fans of the Turkish series, episode seven, which will be shown soon after the channel, and one of the reasons for the success of the Osman Resurrection series in the Arab world, is that the series is dubbed in the Arabic language.


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