Entrust Elias El-Fakhfakh with forming a new government in Tunisia


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Elias Al-Fakhfakh previously held the position of Minister of Finance

Tunisian President, Qais Said, charged the former minister, Elias Fakhfakh, to form a new government.

On January 10, Habib al-Jamali, a candidate for the Renaissance movement, failed to win the confidence of parliament.

In front of traps 30 days to form a government capable of winning the confidence of deputies.

In the event that the traps do not get the simple majority in a confidence vote in Parliament, it will be imperative to dissolve the parliament and hold new elections at a time when Tunisia faces an escalating economic crisis.

The Al-Nahda party won the majority of seats in parliament in the elections that took place last October, but it still did not obtain the sufficient number of seats that would enable it to form a single government.

The caretaker government led by Yusef al-Shahid has been running the country’s affairs since the elections.

Al-Fakhfakh, 47, worked as an engineer graduated from the University of Lyon, France, in the Total Fuel Company in Tunisia and Poland.

And he imitated the tourism and finance bags in my government, Hamadi Al-Jabali and Ali Al-Areed.

The traps belong to the Democratic Bloc for Labor and Liberties, a party not represented in Parliament. He ran in the presidential elections, last year, but he did not get more than 11 thousand votes out of about 3.4 million voters.

Traps are expected to prioritize the economy during the formation of the government, especially after low growth, high public debt, and declining services over the years after the 2011 revolution and toppling the regime of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Al-Nahda nominated Habib al-Jamali as prime minister last November, but the cabinet he proposed did not win the support of parliament in a confidence vote on January 10.

According to the Tunisian constitution, powers are divided between the president of the country, on the one hand, and parliament and the prime minister, on the other.


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