Electronic health care for one million people


Source: Arabic.net

The Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah Al-Sawah, confirmed in a session of the “Priorities of the Twentieth Summit” during the World Economic Forum in the Swiss city of “Davos” that the Kingdom has succeeded in delivering health care through electronic services to a million people.

Al-Sawah added, in the context of his review of the priorities of Saudi Arabia, which chairs the Group of Twenty for the current year, that the Kingdom is interested in this presidency, to attract the world’s attention to the challenges of the Middle East and North Africa region.

While referring to the work to reduce the digital divide, he emphasized that women’s participation in technology and digital communications has increased from 7 to 15%, and this has led to an increase in the growth of the non-oil economic base from 3 to 6%.

The Saudi Minister of Communications stressed that the representation of Saudi women in the information technology sector should double to 15% today.

He considered that technology is one of the accelerating elements of the pace of development and development, noting that the change in technology is accompanied by the creation of job opportunities, and globally, according to this, forecasts indicate the creation of 58 million new jobs.

He emphasized that forming new horizons within the goals of the Kingdom’s presidency of the Group of Twenty necessitates accelerated action over the next 12 months.

Minister Al-Sawah said: “We in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the year 2019, managed to reach one million people by providing electronic health care services, and we are trying to apply the same successful example in Africa, and we have to accelerate the pace and pace, and I believe that we cannot generalize This development from one country to another if this development is not generalized, and electronic health care at the level of the entire country.

And that efforts are focused on making a quantum leap as well, in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union, to bridge the digital divide, stressing that this issue is extremely important.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology explained that the three most important topics in the “Davos Forum” are: the ethics of artificial intelligence, taxation, and resilience in regional space.

He stressed the importance of uniting efforts when setting policies towards globally shared issues and taking advantage of innovations and organized controls.


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