Egyptian Prime Minister Palace auctioned .. and parliamentary interventions


Source: Cairo – Reem El-Shishtawy

After the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments announced the offering of the Palace of the former Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa El-Nahhas, for rent by auction in the city of Samanoud, affiliated to Gharbia Governorate, a number of deputies submitted a request for briefing to the Ministry of Culture and Endowments to transfer the jurisdiction of this house to the Ministry of Culture.

The deputies demanded that it be turned into a culture palace that includes the belongings of the late Mustafa Al-Nahhas to preserve its national and historical value in the city of Samanoud, especially since it does not have any palace of culture.

Mustafa Al-Nahhas and Saad Zaghloul
Mustafa Al-Nahhas and Saad Zaghloul

For her part, Deputy Laila Abu Ismail told that there is no regulation with the relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Awqaf to spend on renting the house to convert it into a culture palace, and they do not have the funds to buy the palace, which caused this crisis, Where the Ministry of Awqaf uses its right to use the charitable endowment.

She pointed out that the Ministry of Awqaf’s response to the lawmakers ’request after they were able to obtain a temporary government decision to postpone the auction to study the issue.

For its part, the Ministry of Endowments decided to stop the public auction that was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, where Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, the Egyptian Minister of Endowments, said yesterday about this crisis. “Preserving any historical or contemporary Egyptian symbol and dealing with it with what is appropriate to it is something that is not acceptable.” For discussion, which we will deal with in the framework of the building in which the copper resides, we have stopped the auction that was scheduled to sell the building, and we are studying the best use of it in light of what serves the endowment interest and maintains the symbolism of the place. ”

Deputy Leila Abu Ismail indicated that this palace carries historical value for this place, as it dates back to more than 90 years, and the ownership of this house belongs to Sayed Abdel-Al, who was rented by Mustafa Al-Nahhas, so that this house will be a meeting place for the people of Samanoud with copper and city guests. And, after the death of Al-Nahhas, this house became part of the endowments of Sayyid Abdel-Al, which belongs to the Ministry of Endowments and Charitable Work.

It is mentioned that Mustafa Al-Nahhas (1879-1965) was exiled along with his teacher, Saad Zaghloul, outside the country, and he is one of the most prominent Egyptian politicians of the twentieth century. He assumed the position of Prime Minister of Egypt and Speaker of the National Assembly (the current parliament).

He helped found the Wafd Party and served as its leader from 1927 to 1952, and also helped found the League of Arab States.


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