Egypt – View the first leaked photos of the Xbox Series X


(MENAFN – Youm7) Microsoft announced in December 2019 the official Xbox Series X, and the company talked at the time about the design and features of the device, but the American company did not reveal much about the next-generation console, but earlier this past December, Phil Spencer, president of Microsoft Xbox says it is playing games on the new Xbox, confirming that the company has begun producing prototypes of it.


According to the American mspoweruser website, the user “CurryPanda” shared the photos of the Xbox Series X on the Neogaf e-forums, and the pictures show the front and back of the console with the presence of ports, as the console contains an optical audio port, USB A ports, Ethernet port, power port and port HDMI, Microsoft also added some vents on the back of the device to cool it.

Xbox Design

Although there is no way to check if the images are real, but they contain Microsoft Standard Barcode symbols, this is good and bad, as Barcode is added by Microsoft to identify and track prototypes, but this also means that the person who shared these images He may be held accountable.


It is reported that a previous report revealed that the Xbox Series X games will not be available for exclusive games until a full year after its launch, and Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, said that Microsoft wants to ensure that all games support Xbox One and X together, and companies usually use games Exclusive to drive sales of the device when it was first launched, but Microsoft will use the Halo: Infinite game to showcase the capabilities of the Series X, which is of course available on the older Xbox One.



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