Egypt – Study Reveals: Dark matter can destroy itself


(MENAFN – Youm7) A study indicates that dark matter can destroy itself and submerge the sky with gamma rays, as it is the brightest and strongest light in the universe, sailing through the sky invisible to the human eye, and these highly active explosions of radiation are emitted by the explosions of stars and sometimes from holes Blacks, but this time an international team of researchers hopes that these strong rays will lead to something else – the dark matter known as dark matter.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in a new study in the journal Physical Review Letters, the researchers looked at what they call “the unresolved gamma rays”, that is, all the hidden and mysterious gamma rays that have not been calculated referring to known sources such as black holes and stars Explosive.

When the team compared a map of unresolved gamma rays with a map of the density of matter in the same section of the universe, they found that the rays correspond precisely with the huge gravitational regions, where the dark matter is expected to disappear.

Co-researcher Daniel Groen said, “This relationship suggests that dark matter may be largely responsible for the dim gamma ray background of the universe.”

If this is the case, astronomers may give some vital clues about the properties of mysterious matter, and there are scientists who have discovered the smallest mass of dark matter recently among these astronomical discoveries.

“Dark matter can decompose like a radioactive nucleus, produce gamma rays as they are, or perhaps dark matter particles collide and produce gamma rays as they interact,” added Groen, an astrophysicist at the National SLAC Acceleration Lab of the Energy Department at Stanford University in California.

Dark matter is believed to constitute about 85% of the mass of the universe, although researchers are still not aware of its shape, it is completely invisible to modern scientific tools.

“We know some properties of dark matter though, we know that it is very common in the universe, and we know that it contains a mass that interacts with gravity with another mass,” Groen explained.



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