Egypt .. Seizing cells to carry out terrorist operations commissioned by the Brotherhood in Turkey


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Egyptian security services were able to seize terrorist, electronic, and media cells that were planning to carry out terrorist operations commissioned by Brotherhood leaders in Turkey.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior said in a statement today, Wednesday, that the national security sector information monitored the preparation of fleeing organization leaders in Turkey, a plan aimed at undermining the pillars of security and stability, creating chaos in the country and demolishing its economic capabilities in conjunction with the anniversary of January 25, and assigning its elements inside to implement it through several axes.

The Ministry announced that these axes include working to raise the Egyptian street by intensifying inflammatory invitations and promoting rumors and false and fabricated news to try to distort state institutions and for the organization to do so by creating electronic entities under the name of the popular movement and the Joker, adding that it was based on the creation of open electronic pages on Facebook The screening of the elements affected by these calls, followed by their inclusion of closed secret groups on an application that takes on specific roles aimed at organizing demonstrations, rioting, blocking roads, disrupting public transportation and carrying out sabotage operations against family facilities. Wah

The ministry added that it has also monitored the elements of the media committees affiliated with the organization to intensify their activities, by promoting lies and rumors to create a state of popular congestion, preparing field meetings with some citizens and sending them to satellite channels loyal to the organization to broadcast them after distorting them in a manner that shows the projection of state institutions, as well as broadcasting them On social media, and support it through fake electronic accounts to suggest the existence of public opinion in support of these allegations.

The Ministry stated that the organization’s armed decisive movement was tasked with planning and preparing to carry out a series of terrorist operations targeting important personalities and facilities and various places of worship in conjunction with the anniversary of January 25, as some elements of the movement in the framework of implementing this plan targeted 2 of the regular patrols and a citizen (coincident with his presence The location of the accident) in the village of Kafr Hasafa, Toukh Center, Qaliubiya Governorate, on November 11, 2019.

She pointed out that the necessary financial support was provided to prepare, equip and manage the tools to be used in implementing the plan by developing several methods to smuggle funds from abroad and transfer them to the elements of regulation inside through commercial companies used as a front for the activity of regulation.

The ministry said that it was possible to identify those in charge of managing this scheme and those present in the country of Turkey, most notably each of the following:

* Tamer Gamal Mohamed Hosni, and his fame Atwa Kinana, official of the so-called Joker groups – wanted to be arrested in one of the terrorist cases
* Hani Muhammad Sabri Muhammad Ismail, responsible for the so-called popular movement – wanted to be arrested in a terrorist case
* Hudhayfah Samir Abd al-Qadir al-Sayyid, responsible for managing the media committee from abroad, is condemned and wanted to be arrested in terrorist cases
* Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Hadi, official of the armed entity – is condemned and wanted to be arrested in 7 terrorist cases
* Yahya Al-Sayed Ibrahim Musa, official of the Armed Entity Administration – is condemned and wanted to be arrested in the number of 5 terrorist cases
* Ahmed Ibrahim Fouad El-Shorbagy, one of the organization’s financing officials, is wanted in four terrorist cases
* Faten Ahmed Ali Ismail, one of the officials responsible for transferring the organization’s money, is fleeing a 10-year prison sentence in a terrorist case

Electronic groups

The statement of the Egyptian Interior added that the follow-up efforts resulted in identifying the electronic groups that carry out polarization operations and preparing to carry out riots and sabotage of state installations, where it was possible to seize a number of existing elements on them and found in their possession individual cartridges and a quantity of cartridges – Joker grips – primitive gas-proof masks – White weapons and rifles for throwing stones – Quantities of cuneiform obstacles placed on the ground to disable cars.

She stated that with the continuation of field follow-up operations, it was possible to identify and control the elements of the media committees of the terrorist organization, as well as the devices and equipment used in their activities, which were (Drone drone – computers, cameras and mobile phones equipped with secure applications to communicate with satellite channels and Brotherhood websites).


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