Dreams jewelry at the Riyadh concert stirs controversy – Toss News


The Emirati artist raised Dreams Al-Shamsi is a widespread controversy on social media after her concert that concluded the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after she appeared with jewelry that was said to cost more than $ 7 million.

Tweeters were interested in Ahlam jewelry, when they shared pictures of her look, and others searched for details and information about these jewelry.

Dreams appeared in a necklace and earrings of yellow diamonds and emerald green, according to a post on her Twitter account, hanging: “My night in Riyadh”.

A tweet from her account, called “Ruby,” posted clear pictures of jewelry, commenting: “The space left me looking for the set of # dreams at her party yesterday, God willing, may God bless you.”

Twitter users, using the tag # Night of Arab Dreams Artist, discussed details of the ceremony, and he was able to occupy an advanced position in the list of the highest circulated on “Twitter”.

Many of the tweeters expressed their admiration for the party, which lasted until 3 am.

While the media reported that the dream jewelry designed for her specifically by the Lebanese diamond dealer, Samer Halima, amounted to $ 7 million.

And singers expressed their fascination with the artist’s jewelry, so the account “Shahana” says: “They say dream jewelry worth $ 7 million, God bless us with heaven only.” He continued, “Wejdan”: “Dream jewelry is a party that I held yesterday more precious than me and you.”

A song called “Zain” added: “Dream jewelry worth $ 7 million! One of my predecessors reads, and another mocked her “roar,” mocking her: “God bless you, heaven, and jewelry of dreams.”

The General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia honored the Emirati artist Ahlam, with a shield of pure gold, and represents the slogan “Arab Artist” for 25 years of giving and art.


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