Donia’s face is a make-up with no make-up, which unleashes a sharp sarcasm


Moroccan artist Donia Butma, through “Story”, on her account on “Instagram”, published a picture of her with a striking natural look. She appeared in her without makeup, with freckles added to her face.

And the image transmits a number of active accounts on the application, which presented it with scathing irony. Some followers indicated that they distorted the shape of the plastic surgery and others went further, as they saw that it had become frightening and that they would not be able to sleep after seeing her picture.
This comes as the artist faces the repercussions of the case of the celebrity scandal site, Hamza Moon Bibi, and summoned her to investigate her background.
It is noteworthy that Dunya previously expressed her position on what is happening with her, as she commented on a photo she posted on her account: “I will stay and my head will remain high in the sky, not arrogance or arrogance, but self-confidence and pride in a woman. With my love. ”
It is reported that she received support recently from the artist Khawla Bin Omran, who wrote on her account on “Instagram”: “Donia did not find guilt, and you do not deserve the punishment, and were you with her, Bash, to judge her this?” The minimum mistake I made was that it was as a response and gives value to me by the name of its name until acetate to me what they have no job nor even he has the right to give his opinion on it.
And she continued: “I hope that you give your opinion on her work, and in her voice the best of your personal life.”


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