Do not realize its importance .. Sleep is the basis for treating any injury!


One of the most important decisions that people make at the beginning of the new year is to follow a healthy system, starting with going to gyms, exercising regularly, and adjusting the sleep regimen, but sometimes this enthusiasm quickly fades as a result of an unexpected injury. Global estimates indicate that the rate of annual injuries resulting from sports and physical activities is still high, but it does not exceed the many positive benefits of exercising regularly, and physical rest is an essential axis in the process of recovering from injuries, relieving pain and achieving health goals related to fitness, and that Besides getting a good amount of sleep, which plays an important role in the healing process.

Commenting on the topic, Dominic Zankovic, sleep expert and founder of Whisper, said: “All physical activities involve some risk of physical injury, so we should look at the methods to recover in an optimal way that allows us to continue to reap the health benefits of exercising for years to come, and highlights Having a good sleep is one of the major healing factors that many don’t realize is important. ”“Serious consequences”
It is known that lack of sleep may cause serious health consequences associated with high blood pressure, weak immune system and depression, and, in addition, Dominic cautioned that not getting enough sleep may hinder the full recovery of physical injuries.

To clarify this, Dominic said: “The processes of renewing and restoring tissues and muscle fibers are carried out during sleep, as deep sleep allows an increase in blood flow to the muscles and providing them with oxygen and nutrients that help them to restore and renew their cells. The pituitary gland also, during deep sleep, produces the necessary growth hormones To restore muscle tissue. Therefore, not getting enough sleep limits the body’s ability to recover from injuries. ”

Associated factors
In addition, finding the appropriate mattress and pillow, which provides the necessary support for body comfort and healing injuries, is at the top of the list of many factors necessary to obtain a good sleep, and commenting on that, Dominique said: “We should search for a mattress that provides comfort and support to the body and prevents injury from aggravating injury As a result of arousing pressure points in the body, and this is what is characterized by pillows, mattresses and whisper thanks to its comfortable and innovative design, it is made of a quantum sponge that allows air to pass through it, and the whisper mattresses provide ideal support for the spine and embrace the pressure points, which are the best option to alleviate the pain caused by trauma. Bee or effort. “



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