Divisions deepen … Democratic presidential candidate sues Clinton


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

In another sign of deepening divisions within the Democratic Party, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, announced a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on charges of defamation. Earlier this year, the former foreign minister described Democratic candidate Gabard as a Russian gain. This prompted candidate Gabard to file a defamation suit on Wednesday in a US court in New York.

Gabbard’s attorneys said Clinton’s statements “tarnished” Gabbard’s “political and personal” reputation, viewing Gabbard as a loyal American civil servant who devoted her life to protecting the safety of all Americans.

Gabbard’s presidential campaign is still gaining momentum, but she believes her political and personal reputation has been sullied and her candidacy was intentionally damaged by Clinton’s malicious and false statements, according to the American website The Hill.

Gabbard’s campaign referred all questions of the case to her lawyer in the case. In response to the lawsuit, Clinton’s spokesman, Nick Merrill said: “This is ridiculous.”

Hillary Clinton said last October that she believed Republicans were “preparing” a Democratic presidential candidate as a third. The candidate also described Gabbard as a favorite of the Russians and they have a bunch of sites, robots, and other ways to support it so far. She did not mention Gabbard’s name, but it was clear that she was talking about Gabbard.

The lawsuit alleges that Clinton “is a brutal politician and seeks revenge,” and it was confirmed that Clinton’s false statements came as a deliberate attempt to obstruct the presidential Tulsi presidential campaign.

This issue comes to ensure that the truth prevails and to ensure that the political elites in this country are held accountable for deliberate attempts to distort the truth in the midst of decisive presidential elections.

And Gabbard is a long-running Democratic candidate for party nomination.

She has become a target of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for her political views, and she is critical of US military intervention in Syria and refuses to criticize the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar Al-Assad, despite war crimes suspected of involvement. She met Assad during a trip to Syria in 2017.


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