Disclosure of the mighty GMC Yukon 2021 price and its arrival date in the kingdom


The American GMC automobile company unveiled its new Yukon 2021, which has the latest technology and capabilities to off-road.

Sources confirmed that the mighty car will reach the Kingdom and Gulf markets after only 6 months, and the current model price will reach 188 thousand riyals, while the price of the new model will range between 190 and 200 thousand riyals.

And about the specifications of the car, its exterior design came in a remarkable way through a larger front grille in Denali style, and a structure that combines modernity and luxury, with distinct lighting, front and rear lights and lenses close to the crystal.

As for the car engine, it has 420 hp and 624 Nm of torque, it communicates with 10-speed transmission and other unique dynamic capabilities.


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