Dina responds to her back with a nude dance suit


The Egyptian dancer replied
Dina comments on the dancer Lucy, who criticized her appearance for a dance suit
“Naked.”And she said “Dina”
In statements to Al-Watan newspaper, “The photos of Lucy in her dance allowance are in the archive.
“And we can see who is not wearing naked.”

She described
Dina herself as “a different style-model.”
The dancer, Najwa Fouad, who presented a “chic” style of dance, as she designed a different style
For a dance allowance. ”

And she continued, “All
The dancers wore nude dance suits in the age at which they could strip
By virtue of the fact that the shape of the belly dance suit is basically nude, but I designed a different shape for it, it seems
Lucy forgot her pictures. ”

Lucy was
She criticized the “Dina” dance costumes she wears for parties and events, saying that she is used to it
To wear short and naked suits for years.

And she said, “Dina
“Inventions from her reflections” were introduced into the dance allowance, considering this to be an affair
It belongs to her alone and no one can enter it.

And in her response to
The fact that “Dina” invented the “shorts” under the dance suit said: “Something
Respected but remains the question, what after the shorts? Is a dance suit shorts? Samia Jamal was wearing
Sheer clothes, but look like a swimsuit or swimsuit, and her performance and movements did not carry offense
For the female, because dancing is only an art and femininity. ”


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