Did Majdi Yaqoub literally “enter” the heart of Khalid the Prophet?



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Khalid Al-Nabawi

The captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Ashraf Zaki, confirmed that the health of Egyptian star Khaled El Nabawy is stable and he is scheduled to leave the hospital after two days.

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Egyptian artist Khaled El-Nabawy is performing a heart operation

Zaki indicated that there is no truth in the direction of the Egyptian artist to perform another operation that requires the intervention of cardiologist Majdi Yaqoub.

The captain of the acting professions revealed the nature of the operation performed by the star Khaled El-Nabawy, explaining that it consisted of widening one of the arteries of the heart after he felt shortness of breath.

The director of the French palace of El-Aini Hospital, Fouad Zamel, said that the artist Khaled El-Nabawy arrived on Tuesday afternoon at the hospital with a heart attack.

“The Prophet underwent a catheterization during which a stent was installed,” Zamil added in a phone call to the “Happening in Egypt” program, noting that his condition is currently stable, and that he is now in intensive care under observation, and he is scheduled to leave the hospital within 48 hours after checking on his condition Health.

Source: Egyptian media


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