Dialogue ends with insults .. The number of deaths in Iraq “is uncertain”!


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

A war of words started with information faced by a broadcaster in one of the Iraqi media channels, a spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, who in turn responded Denying that news.

In detail, the broadcaster began reading his preface, in which he mentioned excessive violence by the authorities, in which security forces confronted the demonstrations in Baghdad, on Monday, and resulted in deaths and injuries. Then the broadcaster moved to ask his guest about what happened, and mentioned the number of deaths that occurred after the clashes, then touched on the total number of people killed in Iraq since the beginning of the protests in all parts of the country. Out of health.

At that time, the media responded, accusing the security forces of firing live bullets and causing deaths due to unconvincing reasons, as the broadcaster explained that the closing of roads due to the clashes took place every day for many reasons, and the use of excessive violence did not need, and Major General denied the violence, and said that what happened was that the forces The wish was present in its known locations and it did not change its deployment locations, and that the demonstrators were the ones who started attacking it.

The media boycotted the official and explained that the communication sites published videos revealing the facts of what happened, and asked the general if he related these videos or not, the official replied that they had connected him, and that what he explained earlier is the reality of what happened.

Between different views, boycotting the two parties to each other, the argument started. The media accused the official of killing the people, and the brigade replied that the director of the dialogue wants to play the role of the hero in front of the people, stressing that the official directives require not to use violence, and emphasized that the numbers of dead that the media talked about are “astronomical”. “.

At the time, Lieutenant-Colonel Tamalek was unable to find himself, and revealed that his information came, citing a statement of the Iraqi Interior Minister, Yassin Al-Yasiri.

“No one was shot.”

Maj. Gen. affirmed that no one was killed by security bullets, and said that the security forces have nothing to do with the political game, and that their responsibility ends with opening roads, imposing security, and protecting people no more, and that the security forces did not violate either Iraqi or international laws.

Power Trumpet

The discussion about the fall of the dead, the cutting off of roads, the authority dealing with the demonstrators, and the protesters responded, all these files led to a raging dialogue between the two parties, and when the media asked Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf to maintain his composure, the latter replied: “I am calm, my soul is greater than you.”

The media replied, saying: “Abdul Karim politely, discipline, trumpet of authority, whoever defends killing and violence, discipline, trumpet of power, trumpet of murderers,” which prompted the Iraqi army spokesman to end the intervention, directing his words to the presenter: “Your price is known … you will not … Complete my talk with you. ”


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