Diab to Baabda Palace with 20 ministerial portfolios to announce the new government


Source: Beirut – Reuters

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent in Lebanon, quoting political sources, said that the government formation had settled on 20 ministers, with the participation of Al-Marda in two bags.

This comes as Ali Hassan Khalil, the Lebanese Finance Minister in the caretaker government, said today, Tuesday The new government It will be formed within “hours” in countries suffering from the worst economic crisis in decades.

“Hours and we will be in front of a new government,” Ali Hassan Khalil wrote on his Twitter account, but he did not specifically say when that would take place.

Lebanon, burdened with huge debts, without an effective government since Saad Hariri resigned from the post of Prime Minister last October under pressure from protests against corruption and mismanagement, which caused at first the worst economic crisis in the country since the civil war that took place between 1975 and 1990.

Ali Hassan Khalil added that Speaker of Parliament and President of the “Amal Movement”, to which Khalil belongs, Nabih Berri “did everything possible to facilitate the birth of the government, and he was in contact with everyone throughout the day.”

The Marada Movement is part of the government

He stressed that “the Marada Movement is part of the government,” referring to the dispute that emerged today between the current headed by Suleiman Franjieh and the “Free Patriotic Movement” founded by President Michel Aoun and headed by Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil.

Tensions erupted between Hezbollah’s two main Christian allies today when Franjieh said that Basil’s “greed” was the reason for impeding the formation of the new government.

Franjieh’s statements on Bassil indicate that the complications in the efforts to form a government have worsened in light of Lebanon’s growing emergency financial situation.

The issue of forming a new government has become more urgent Peaceful protests largely turned violent At the weekend, hundreds were injured in clashes with the security forces. Ordinary citizens were severely affected by the restrictions imposed by banks on withdrawing funds, the decline of the Lebanese pound, layoffs, and inflation.

Hezbollah and its political allies have failed to agree to form a government since the appointment of former cabinet minister Hassan Diab to head the government more than a month ago.

“Basil’s greed”

Political sources say the main sticking point relates to the number of seats Basil requests. Political sources said that the Free Patriotic Movement, the largest Christian party, is seeking to obtain a third of the seats in the expected government, a percentage that gives it the veto it had in the previous government.

In a press conference today, Franjieh Basil and the Free Patriotic Movement were directly accused of blocking the formation of a government. “His greed and greed (Basil) is what impedes the government … so that Gibran Bassil will form the whole government, and God bless him,” he said.

The Lebanese government is expected to be It is composed of technocrats, not politiciansIt is one of the demands of the protesters, but the political parties have sought to offer a technocratic sky to maintain their influence in the government.

Franjieh added: “He (Basil) puts us in front of the abyss, and says either we are with him or accuse us of obstruction,” adding that if he continues along this path he will lead the country to disaster.


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