Developments in the health of Khalid Al-Nabawi .. Is he performing new surgery?


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

A state of anxiety has afflicted the Egyptian and Arab artistic community yet The health crisis experienced by the artist Khaled El-NabawyYesterday, Tuesday, after he suffered a sudden heart attack, he was transferred to the French hospital in Kasr El Aini.

There, doctors performed a “catheterization” procedure, and a stent was installed to bypass the danger stage he was going through, and he was prevented from visiting after he was placed under observation to follow up on his health.

In light of the assurances that indicated his improvement in his health and his discharge within hours of the hospital, everyone was surprised by what was mentioned by Dr. Egyptian Gamal Shaaban, the former director of the Heart Institute, who asked everyone to stop publishing the rumor concerning the death of the artist, stressing that he is still in intensive care in the French palace in kind, After installing a stent in the posterior coronary artery, after an acute clot that led to an impairment of electrocardiogram during exercise, he fell unconscious.

Khalid Al-Nabawi
Khalid Al-Nabawi

Shaaban explained that the doctors discovered that the posterior coronary artery is the cause, but that he may need other surgery in the anterior coronary artery by surgery or stent.

In exclusive statements to, Shaban stressed that the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi suffers from hardening of the arteries, indicating that the doctors dealt with the artery that has a stroke, but that the Prophet may need new surgery in other arteries.

He clarified that the new surgery is not urgent and the Prophet may perform it at a later time after exceeding the stage of danger, to return to his home within hours.

For his part, the captain of the actors, Ashraf Zaki, confirmed to that when he went to the hospital yesterday, Tuesday, the Prophet was found in good health, noting that he had assured him and would leave the hospital within a day or two.

As for what to do with new surgery, this matter has nothing to do with it, especially since it is up to the doctors who are able to determine the matter accurately.


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