Detect the main cause of a sudden heart attack


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Scientists from Yale University in the United States have revealed that one of the main causes of sudden heart attack is exposure to nanoparticles, often found in polluted air.

Researchers in Augsburg, Germany, analyzed data on non-lethal cases of heart muscle blockage in approximately six thousand patients, and the time of heart attacks was compared with air pollution rates taking into account other factors such as the day of the week and the social and economic situation.

And it turns out that molecules can cause a heart disorder in the first few hours of exposure to the body, as they penetrate blood and cells easily because of their small size, According to a magazine “Environmental Health Perspectives”.

These particles reach ultra-fine sizes “100 nanometers” or less, and their main source is car exhaust emissions.

Myocardial infarction Or a heart attack It is the most common form of cardiovascular disease worldwide.


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