Details of the killing of the student Nada Al-Qahtani by her brother in Saudi Arabia


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The name of the Saudi girl, Nada Al-Qahtani, is the most frequently used name on Twitter in Saudi Arabia, after she was killed by her brother.

In the details, the security authorities in the eastern region announced the arrest of a thirty-year-old man after he had shot a “bus” in the Fakhriya district of Dhahran, resulting in the death of a girl and wounding two, all of them citizens in the third decade of life, and the driver of the vehicle, who is of Indian nationality, was wounded.

The Saudi News Agency, which published the Saudi security statement, stated that the police specialists have taken the necessary measures, transporting the injured to health authorities to receive the necessary medical care, and referring the accused and the case file to the district prosecutor.

Khaled Al-Saadi, brother of the injured girl named Rawan Al-Saadi, revealed on his Twitter account, the details of the incident, and demanded that his sister be treated after she was injured by shrapnel of bullets, after a person shot his sister, Nada Al-Qahtani, while they were inside the vehicle.

Al-Saadi said: “My sister was shot in the university bus by someone who decided to kill his sister. The bus was randomly shot, and my sister, the bus owner, and his sister died. I want you to help my sister in a critical condition and I want to transport her to the educational hospital. There was no response.”

He continued: “Nada, my Lord, has mercy on her and dwells in his spacious gardens, Lord of the worlds, and Rowan and the driver are in serious condition. The remains of bullets are still in them. “The emergency since yesterday morning was the same, and until now, no response has been received from her hospital.”

Al-Saadi affirmed that the Ministry of Health communicated with him about his sister: “I thank those who helped me, and I was contacted by the Ministry of Health, and my sister will be transferred to the hospital. May God help you and put him in the balance of your good deeds.”


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