Destruction of Houthi fortifications in Saada .. and a leading death


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

The Yemeni army forces, backed by artillery and helicopter gunships, supported the Legitimacy Support Coalition, on Friday, destroying fortifications and gathering places for the Houthi militia in the Al-Razami area of ​​the Al-Safra district in Saada GovernorateThe main stronghold of the revolutionaries in the far north of the country.

The Commander of the War Brigade 1, Brigadier General Mohamed Al-Ghunaimi, said that the National Army forces demolished the fortifications and gatherings of the Houthis in the “Umair” hill and the cisterns surrounding the “point” adjacent to Djerba and strangeness.

Al-Ghunaimy also explained that the operation resulted in the death of the field leader in the militias, called “Abu Fayez al-Tiri,” and to defeat the rest of the coupists, according to the official Yemeni News Agency.

To that, he affirmed that the liberation process is continuing in the axis of Al-Talh in Al-Safra against the Houthis and proceeding at a regular pace until the militias are defeated from Saada to the rest of the provinces.

It is noteworthy that the Yemeni army, supported by the coalition, is engaged in extensive military operations in more than 8 combat hubs in the Houthi stronghold of Saada districts.


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