Deputy Commander of the Quds Force … missile activity with Hezbollah in Lebanon


Source: Arabic.Net – Fadel era

On Monday, Iran formally installed the new commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Ismail Qakani, and his deputy, Muhammad Hijazi, more than two weeks after the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the former commander of the Quds Force, with an American strike on his convoy, in the Baghdad airport area, on the third of current month.

Israel had described Muhammad Hegazy, the new deputy commander of the Quds Force, as the commander of the Lebanese force in the Quds Force, according to an IDF statement, in August of 2019.

The statement said that Hegazy is one of three Iranian personalities working on what he described as the transfer of “accurate” missile technology to Hezbollah militias earlier in 2016, as the statement specified, following Iran’s failure to transfer complete missiles to Lebanon, due to strikes. Israeli repeated attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.

The statement clarifies that Iran has resorted to modifying its plan to transfer complete accurate missiles to its arm, “Hezbollah”, and has replaced the transfer of complete missiles, to the development of missiles already in place by “Hezbollah” in Lebanon, in order to avoid possible military strikes.

The IDF statement said, “Hezbollah” began to rehabilitate sites inside Lebanese territory, in direct cooperation with Muhammad Hussein Zadeh Hijazi, who is now deputy commander of the Jerusalem Brigade in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In this context, the names of the three Iranian officers who worked on transferring precision missile technology to Hezbollah were published, along with Hijazi, who will begin his duties today as Deputy Commander of the Jerusalem Brigade, Colonel Majeed Nawab. He was described as the technological officer of the project, and is considered an expert. In the field of surface-to-surface missiles. The third is Brigadier General Ali Asghar Norouzi, the senior logistical official of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

And Muhammad Husayn Zadeh Hijazi, wanted by a terrorist case at the international level, after he was accused of a 1994 bombing in Argentina that killed 85 people and injured hundreds of different people.


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