Corona Virus: Kuwaiti and Emirati authorities impose procedures to screen Chinese arrivals to prevent the spread of the disease


Some Hong Kong residents wear masks to breathe

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Respiratory masks are widespread in Hong Kong, China, where authorities have been criticized for allowing people to gather in large numbers.

Authorities in Kuwait, the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi imposed measures to screen passengers arriving at their airports from China to prevent transportation The new killer Corona virus To its territory.

Kuwait provided its border outlets with thermal cameras to monitor any cases of coronavirus infection coming from abroad.

China has announced that the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 840 and the number of victims to 25, while its authorities are still struggling to contain the deadly virus, which is feared to spread with millions of people traveling across the country to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health declared that health clinics and isolation rooms in Kuwait Airport are ready for emergency cases.

She indicated, in an official statement, to provide the border outlets with thermal cameras and generalize the application of procedures to compel passengers coming to Kuwait from the countries where the disease appeared to be filled out with the health declaration.

Are masks sufficient to prevent the spread of viruses?

A mysterious virus raises concern in China

According to the statement, the diagnosis of HIV infection is available in the Ministry’s public health laboratories.

The authorities in the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi announced the application of inspection procedures for those coming from Chinese lands to their airports, which are two of the largest airports in the world.

Authorities in the Chinese capital, Beijing and Hong Kong Island, have canceled some major New Year celebrations as a precaution to prevent large crowds from gathering.

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China’s health follow-up teams measure the temperatures of people coming from Wuhan to other cities around the country.

Wuhan and other cities in central China’s Hubei Province are experiencing more stringent measures, including restricting public transport, in an effort to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading.

Eighteen people died in China as a result of HIV infection, including one in Khobi. It has discovered more than 600 other cases, several of which are outside China.

Due to the small number of infected people outside China, the WHO refused to declare an “international emergency” due to the virus.

What do we know about the virus?

The virus is known as 2019-nCoV.

And the information available on it indicates that a new strain of the Corona virus has not been found in humans before.

It is reported that the “Acute Respiratory Syndrome” virus, known as SARS, which killed about 800 people in early 2000 is also among the types of Corona virus, as well as the common cold.

The Chinese authorities say this new type of Coronavirus has originated in a seafood market in Wuhan “where illegal sales of wild animals are taking place”.

There is evidence of human-to-human transmission, as it spreads from patients to family members and health-care workers.

The virus infects the lung and its symptoms begin with a fever and cough. Symptoms can develop into breathing difficulties.

The new antivirus vaccine has not yet been invented, and three medical teams are still working towards this goal.

What is the international position now?

On Thursday, Vietnam and Singapore were added to the list of countries and external territories where cases of Coronavirus were recorded, to be added to Thailand, the United States, Taiwan and South Korea.

There are only 11 confirmed cases outside China, 4 in Thailand, and it is the second most infected country.

Other countries are investigating possible cases, including Canada and the United Kingdom. England’s health authorities say 14 people are now being tested for HIV.

Authorities in many countries announced the application of inspection procedures for passengers from China, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where there are two of the largest airports in the world.

Taiwan declared a ban on the arrival of people from Wuhan, and the US State Department alerted US citizens in China to the need for caution.

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