Corona virus arrives in new countries, and these are its symptoms


Epidemiologist, Vladimir Nikiforov, spoke about the symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus, saying that people with the virus develop coughs, fever, suffer from dyspnea, and chest pain.

The Russian doctor indicated that laboratory tests are needed to confirm infection with the SK virus because the symptoms mentioned are the same as those of pneumonia.

Today, Saturday, the number of corona virus deaths in China rose to 41, and the number of infected people reached 1,287 confirmed cases.


The new virus arrived in Europe on Friday, after the French Ministry of Health confirmed that three people were infected, and infected people were detained in a hospital in the capital Paris and the third in a hospital in Bordeaux, southern France.

China has ordered nationwide measures to detect new suspected cases of coronavirus on trains, planes and buses, as the number of infected people and deaths rises.

A statement of the National Health Committee stated that stations will be established to detect injuries and passengers who are suspected of being infected will be transferred “immediately” to a health center.

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Outside China, Australia confirmed on Saturday its first infection on its soil.

The Australian authorities said that the injured person, a man whose details have not been disclosed, arrived in Melbourne a week ago to come from Wuhan, the epidemic center
Public health official Brendan Murphy explained that the Victoria state authorities followed “the protocols in a strict manner, including isolating the injured person.”

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Pakistan and Malaysia

Pakistan today also announced the first case of the new corona virus, and Bloomberg News quoted ARY News as saying that the patient with the virus traveled to Multan after arriving in Karachi from China via Dubai on January 21. Ongoing.

Malaysia also reported the first three confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

The Minister of Health, Zafel Ahmed, said the three were linked to the 66-year-old man, who has been confirmed by Singapore health authorities that tests for the virus have been positive.


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