“Corona” is rampant in China .. 41 deaths and more than a thousand injured


Source: Arabic.net, agencies

15 people died in Hubei Province of China as a result Corona Virus The newcomer, raising the death toll to 41, authorities announced on Saturday.

The authorities also reported that the number of HIV infections has risen to about 1,300.

The National Health Committee said in a statement that at least 444 new cases of the virus had been discovered, which brought the total number of people infected to 1287.

In addition, on Friday, China intensified its efforts to contain the spread of the virus, isolating more than 40 million people, while a number of ceremonies that were scheduled for Saturday to mark the Lunar New Year were canceled, in addition to the closure of a number of popular sites that received great popularity.

The first confirmed injury in Australia

Australia announced on Saturday the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Victoria state, with the patient being transferred to hospital in a stable condition in a suburb of Melbourne, state health officials said.

“The patient, a Chinese in his fifties, arrived from China on January 19 on a plane coming from Guangzhou,” explained Jenny Mikakos, Victoria’s health minister, to reporters. “It is important to stress that there is no reason for society to worry. The patient is isolated and is being treated and not We have any other suspected cases at this point. ”


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