“Corona” … a list of countries that have been infected with the deadly virus so far


After its appearance in China, several countries have announced cases of the deadly coronavirus, which has killed 26 people so far.

Below is a list of countries that have reported infection with the SARS Coronavirus, since it appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan (east-east) last December.

In total, about 900 people have contracted the virus, the majority of them in China, of whom 26 have died, according to the latest official toll.


France announced Friday the first two confirmed cases of infection with the Corona virus, with one patient being transferred to a hospital in Paris and the other in the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

This is the first time that cases of HIV have been registered in Europe, adding that other cases may arise in the country, French Health Minister Anillas Bizon said at a press conference.

South Korea

The first injury in South Korea was a 35-year-old Chinese, who arrived in Seoul on January 19 aboard a plane from Wuhan.

Also, a 50-year-old woman, working in Wuhan, was injured.

United State

A 30-year-old man who visited Wuhan and returned on January 15 was admitted to a hospital not far from Seattle, authorities announced on January 21.

The man had himself called emergency services on January 19, after he had symptoms. His condition is described as satisfactory.

Another case was registered on January 24 with a 60-year-old who arrived from Wuhan on January 13 and lives in Chicago. The local health authorities say they are “in good clinical condition.”


The first case in Japan was recorded for thirty who were hospitalized on January 10 due to a high fever and other symptoms, after returning home a few days before Wuhan.

On January 24, another case of forty residents in Wuhan was registered, arriving in Japan on the 19th.


The first case was announced on January 24 in Nepal, by a student who returned on the 9th of the month in Nepal.


Singapore announced on January 23 the first injury suffered by a 66-year-old man, three days after he arrived from Wuhan suffering from heat and coughing.

His 37-year-old son, who was accompanying him, was found to be injured.

So was the case of fifty, who lived in Wuhan, arrived on January 21.


The first case, recorded in Taiwan of a 50-year-old woman, arrived from her residence in Wuhan on January 20, and was suffering from fever, coughing and sore throat.


The first injury outside China was recorded in Thailand on January 8, for a woman returning from a visit to Wuhan.

Since then, three other cases have been registered, raising the injuries to four: three Chinese from Wuhan and a Thai visited this city, and the recovery of the two Chinese who returned to their country has been announced.


Two Chinese were hospitalized on January 17 and 18: a man arrived from Wuhan on January 13 and his son, who lives in Ho Chi Minh, received the infection, authorities announced on January 23.

Chinese semi-autonomous regions

Hong Kong

Two people, Zara Wuhan, are being treated and treated in Hong Kong.


On January 22, the Macao authorities announced the injury of a woman, a 52-year-old businesswoman who arrived three days ago by train from Zhuhai, China.

A second injury has been recorded since.


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