Compelling circumstances .. Find out why Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches were postponed


dawn Amr Al-JanainiChairman of the Five-Year Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, a big surprise, about postponing confrontations Alahli football club And Zamalek Club in the African Champions League and the Egyptian League during the past few days.
Confirmed Amr Al-Janaini In television statements, there are coercive circumstances that are behind the postponement of matches Al-Ahly AndZamalek In the African Champions League and the Egyptian League.
And he said Amr Al-Janaini: “Since the beginning of the season, we have talked about not delaying any match except because of the African matches or security conditions.”
He added: “There was a match on 24 and another 25 For my family AndZamalek In the African Champions League, when we asked El Kef to postpone the matches for 23 and 26, but El Kef responded to us with the announced dates. “
And complete “Zamalek Mazembe will face in a very important match, as well Al-Ahly The star and then Al Hilal will play in two strong games, the days between those matches do not allow for full preparation. “

He added, “There are coercive circumstances that we face at some time, Kef is on the one hand and we are on the other hand. The matches are determined and therefore we are reconciling the league schedule conditions according to those dates.”

Of course, I am not happy with any delay, but there are compelling circumstances. I swear to God there is no regard for names and with all due respect For my family AndZamalek And all clubs, we are at the same distance. “

He said, “There were talks that took place, but this does not affect us. Our aim is only to support the clubs, and the amendment certainly made sense.”


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