Common mistakes made by pubg mobile players, get to know them, to avoid getting caught and become a pro of the game


A large number of technology experts and players who have great experience in the field of electronic games, publish many tips for winning and professional manner in the game Mobile Mobile, as many beginners are attracted to the things that they must do, and overlook the things that they must avoid, so that they can Maintaining their lives and staying alive until the end of the game, and in the event that the game was dual or quadruple, it has been proven that there are a set of common mistakes that a lot of players fall into which we will convey to you below.

Common mistakes in the mobile phone game

The player must not jump from the car while it is moving fast, there are many players who do this and cause it to die, as well as jumping from the top of mountains and rocks leads to the same result, because of the player’s desire to reach the places of the box fall faster than others, or his desire In fleeing quickly from the blue area, and in order to avoid making these mistakes, you must slow down in making the decision, and the intolerance of the person while chasing one of the opponents is a big mistake, which causes him to make many mistakes.

Errors of players in Bebji

You must make your priority in the game is to protect yourself from death quickly, and try to stay alive as possible, just as when you kill an enemy you must not be preoccupied with their tools immediately, but first make sure that the place is safe and that no one is lurking in you.


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