Commander of the joint operations of the Yemeni army: Our appointment Sanaa


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

The commander of joint operations at the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, Major General Sagheer bin Aziz, called on the national army to advance towards the capital, Sanaa, to recover it from the grip of the Houthi militia.

This came during his briefing on the theater of combat operations on the front lines of the fighting front, east of Sanaa, according to a statement released by the media center of the Yemeni Armed Forces, at dawn on Wednesday.

A decisive battle

In a voice message he sent to the army, Bin Aziz said: “They went towards Sanaa, in order to inject the blood of the Yemenis, return the displaced to their homes, and secure the children and women from the oppression of the militias.”

He also stressed that this decisive battle to get rid of the putschists, adding: “Our appointment is Sanaa.”

The call for the joint operations commander comes at a time when the Yemeni army, with the support of the Legitimacy Support Alliance, is fighting battles against the militias and achieving landslide victories along the Naham front, amid major Houthi collapses and losses.

Meanwhile, the Nahham Front witnessed, for the fifth consecutive day, clashes that were described as violent between the Yemeni army forces, supported by the alliance, and the Houthi militias, amid the army’s progress and major breakdowns among the revolutionaries and the death of a number of their elements, including dead and wounded, and prisoners, including prominent leaders.


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