Colors of the homeland WhatsApp officially launches the Dark Mode feature on Android phones in the country


“WhatsApp” has officially announced the launch of a trial version of “Dark Mode” on Android phones.

Once the application is updated on Android phones, there will be a new option in the settings that allows users to switch between display modes or allow the operating system itself to choose depending on whether the battery saving mode is running or not, and the beta version of the new feature will be tested on the Android operating system in a way Official soon, according to the US “Cnet” and the British newspaper “The Sun”.


Dark mode is useful in improving the battery life of phones, especially phones that work on “OLED” screens, as it does not light the entire screen and only works to illuminate the part of the screen that the user needs, and the exact date of the beta is not known yet, but it is likely that it will take A week before activating it on all Android phones, and it will contribute to know whether the dark mode feature is working or not.

And when choosing the “Dark Mode” text messages appear in white text and the background is black, as the new mode contributes to protecting the eye from radiation emitted from the phone at night and preventing fatigue, and the new feature can be set in conjunction with the option of saving the phone’s battery, which makes the application “WhatsApp” Maintains the traditional default color until the phone battery is low, and it will start dark mode automatically.


Dark mode can be activated via Settings, then select Chats and then Theme.

It is reported that “WhatsApp” has achieved more than 5 billion downloads on the “Play Store” store for Android phones during the past year, as it is the second application that achieves this achievement and comes in the first place the first social communication application in the world “Facebook”, according to the “mashable” Technical.

The beta comes after WhatsApp malfunctioned sending photos and sound clips last Sunday. It lasted for several minutes before it went back to work again, and Facebook announces that the malfunction is being fixed.

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