Classification: “Toyota” and “Honda” are the longest and safest cars



Four-wheel drive Toyota-Highlander

American iSeeCars portal experts have published a rating of the longest-running vehicles that their owners still invest after 15 years.

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Honda modifies the legendary Civic

Experts analyzed 350 deals for buying and selling used cars between 1984 and 2004, and they came to the conclusion that Japanese cars are the longest-lived cars.

Japanese cars predominate in the classification of the 15 longest and most popular cars used by their owner for at least 15 years. Among them are 10 brands “Toyota”, 4 brands “Honda” and one brand for “Subaru”.

The head of the iSeeCars portal, Fung Lee, believes that the reason for the long investment of “Toyota” and “Honda” lies in its superior safety and long life. He added that Japanese cars do not require significant expenses to maintain them because they rarely break down, which causes their owners not to replace them.

Statistics show that 18.3% of Highlande Quadruple owners do not replace it after purchasing it in and before 2004. The Sienna minivan (15.5%) followed by the Tacoma pickup (14.5).

Tundra pickup ranked fourth (14.2%), and then Forester Subaru Quadruple (12.8%) ranked fifth.

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