China announces death 9 … The new virus is mutating and spreading fast


Source:, agencies

Chinese authorities announced on Wednesday that the outcome of the new Corona virus, which is spreading in China, has risen to 9 deaths, and more than 400 infected people throughout the country, warning of the danger of this virus spreading faster due to its ability to transform, and that there is evidence of transmission Respiratory infection from one patient to another.

Deputy Minister of the National Health Commission Lee Bin said during a press conference that the virus, which is transmitted through the respiratory system, “can mutate and spread faster”, according to “AFP.”

A previous toll announced by the Chinese authorities reported the death of 6 people and the infection of 300 others with the new virus that belongs to the “Corona” virus strain, which causes SARS.

This outbreak, which spread to 3 other Asian countries, and reached the United States, where it recorded the first infection on Tuesday, is feared to turn into a pandemic, especially as the spread of the virus coincides with the approaching Chinese New Year celebrations that witness the movement of millions.

The new virus belongs to the Coruna virus strain that causes SARS syndrome, according to the World Health Organization, which will hold an emergency meeting, later Wednesday, to determine whether it is appropriate to declare a “state of health emergency with an international dimension”, a measure usually taken to address For more serious epidemics.

In a statement, the National Health Committee announced measures to contain the disease at a time when hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel across the country for the Lunar New Year holiday this weekend.

The committee stated in its statement that among the measures that it will take is to purify and ventilate at airports, train stations and shopping centers.

“When needed, heat tests will be conducted in key areas in crowded places,” the statement added.

This new virus appeared in Wuhan, central China, as authorities intensified checks of passengers at the airport, train stations and highways, while a huge event, which was scheduled to take place on the Lunar New Year’s Day, was to be attended by hundreds of thousands of people.


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