Chelsea stumble in front of Arsenal on the day of Kanti’s sin!


Chelsea lose an easy win and exchange free gifts with Arsenal

Hani Sukkar

January 21, 2020

Chelsea missed a victory within reach and contented themselves with a draw with its guest and Arsenal neighbors 2-2 in a match governed by fatal mistakes by both parties, what points led us to this result?

Exposed style:

After dealing with the Chelsea and Manchester United meetings in the same manner by relying on midfield pressure and using the Treira and Ozil trio, once with Ganduzi and once with Shaka, Artita’s big-game approach is exposed to his association with fast pressure and retrieval of the ball, so Lampard baptized to create a solid system in the middle to dismantle the Arsenal trio to put Kovacic And Jorginho and Kante together with the use of the fast speeds Willian and Udoy, and Chelsea really did well and Arsenal seemed to have no style and shape to complete the Lampard first step successfully.

Natural error:

Abraham was definitely going to score after he passed Lenno and Louise knows that an intervention at this point needs to make sure that the movement will succeed because its failure means a red card and an exit from the field and a penalty kick that often leads to registration thus the team becomes late with a goal and a deficiency to need a miracle after that to change the result Mostafi, who opened the way to Abraham but had to be more accurate with his choice and allowed Abraham to score and not commit a penalty, after the kick and naturally the blues’ control of the midfield became easier and the solutions seemed completely disruptive to the guest.

Run without shots:

In the absence of Aubameyang, the first half ended without Arsenal players ever paying, a catastrophic number that you cannot see every day and the problem in principle was not related to the absence of Oba only, but also to the deficit of the midfield system and in general we can say that this period gave us a quick summary of what can happen to the gunners in the absence Gabonese for a long time or his departure from the team.

Who does not make mistakes … Make a mistake !:

When we say that a Chelsea player committed a fatal mistake that caused his team’s net to be shaken, it might come to anyone’s mind that Christiansen would be in the absence of Zuma, Rudiger or even Athleticweta, but the surprise was that the one who made the mistake this time was Kanti! The 63rd minute came to Arsenal’s first attempt to meet in the match in which we forgot that the stadium consists of two halves! Chelsea was completely in control, but a bit of complacency appeared on it amid the feeling that winning is a matter of time in front of a surrender opponent, but one mistake from the man who did not mistake Kanti was enough to awaken everyone on the field in confirmation of the principle that football recognizes goals only.

For the first time this season Kanti is replaced! Lampard’s reaction to what happened was clear to indicate Kanti’s collision with an unexpected psychological barrier.

Unchanged substitutions:

On the Chelsea bench, there were Patchway and Pedro, but Lampard chose to take out midfielders and enter two other midfields. It is true that Mount’s offensive tendency is higher than Kanti, but controlling the middle and starting solutions was not what the blues needed in front of a surrender team thinking about a draw only, but it was possible to introduce more players From putting pressure on Arsenal’s defense more effectively, Lampard needed up to the 79th minute to figure this out when the guest players were making every effort to pass the time in any way which was expressed by Arteta by involving Defense Holdings at the expense of Wing Pepe.

Last Minute Drama:

Chelsea did not manage to deal with the scenario of the meeting after the progress was restored, but rather returned strangely despite the numerical deficiency of Arsenal and the retreat of offensive weapons following the changes of Artita, which gave the guests the opportunity to invest anything strange that could happen and indeed strange things happened when Kiba repeated the mistakes of the last period and acted primitive with a shot Weak Pellerin to score Arsenal second goal from his second shot! It is striking that it is not the first time that Chelsea have acted repeatedly. We often see a negative reaction when the team comes forward, especially for the crucial time, which does not seem appropriate for the philosophy of a team that has an offensive thought.

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Chelsea missed an easy victory … No title clearer than that in a match in which Arsenal made a mistake with a shot that would have been fatal had it not been for the Blues gifts.


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