Charbel Bou Mansour with Asala in Paris .. and the Syrian singer: My judgments are often emotional



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The Syrian singer Asala Nasri was present in the French capital, Paris, after reviving a concert that witnessed a large crowd attendance, on the main stage in the global village of Dubai in the Emirates.


Lebanese photographer Charbel Bou Mansour, published through his account on Instagram, a photo she collected with the singer Asala, and Lebanese businessman Bashir Sarkis, accompanied by a comment: “When you are with the beautiful Asala and Bashir Sarkis.”

Charbel Bou Mansour
Charbel Bou Mansour

On the other hand, Asala, on her Instagram account, also posted a picture of her, accompanied by a comment: “Of course I am wrong, and often I am wrong, because my judgments are often human emotional, and life in general is not.”


It is noteworthy that the singer Asala will revive a concert accompanied by the Saudi singer Majed Al-Mohandes, within the activities of the “Hala February” festival in the State of Kuwait, on Friday, February 7 of next month. The clip of her new song “Shamekh”, which has achieved a large number of views since its launch on the video site “YouTube”, which was written by Badr bin Mohammed and composed by Abdel Aziz Al Mayana and directed by Nihal Nabil..


The Syrian singer Asala Nasri, last Thursday, performed a big concert in the city of Al-Qassim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within the activities of the Qassim nights organized by the Entertainment Authority headed by Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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