Cancer of all kinds, its future treatment will depend on the human immune system


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The new technique may kill many types of cancer cells, including the breast and prostate

Scientists say a recent discovery of the immune system in the human body may be used to treat all types of cancer.

A team at Cardiff University in Britain has discovered a way to eliminate types of cancer, including prostate, breast and lung cancer, in laboratory experiments.

This method has not been tested in patients. But researchers say the discovery, whose details were published in the journal Nature Immunology, has “tremendous potential.”

What TheYY DiscoverE scholars?

The human immune system is the natural line of defense against infection, but it also attacks cancer cells.

Scientists have been searching for “unconventional” and unexplored methods by which the immune system automatically attacks cancer tumors.

They found their prodigy in one of the human T cells, an immune system that can scan the body to see if there is a risk that must be eliminated.

The difference is that this cell can attack many types of cancer.

“There is an opportunity to treat all patients. Previously, no one thought this was possible,” said Professor Andrew Sewell, to the BBC.

He added that the discovery raises the possibility of reaching a single treatment method that suits all types of cancer, through “one type of T cell that may be able to destroy many types of cancer for everyone.”

what is happening?

T cells have “receptors” that make them “see” the chemical structure.

The Cardiff University team discovered a cell that can find and kill many types of cancer cells, including lung, skin, blood, bone, prostate, ovary, kidney and cervical cancer cells.

The important thing is that it did not touch healthy tissues.

And how this happens remains unclear.

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T cells attack cancer cells

The T cell receptor interacts with a molecule called MR1It is found on the surface of every cell in the human body.

It is believed that a molecule MR1 The immune system predicts the presence of metabolic abnormalities within cancer cells.

“We are the first to explain that a T cell found a molecule,” one of the team’s researchers, Gary Doulton, told the BBC. MR1 In cancer cells. Never before. It is the first time of its kind. ”

Why is discovery important?

T-cell-based treatments are not new. One of the most exciting discoveries has been the development of immune-based therapy.

The most famous example is CAR-T, Which is a treatment method in which a patient’s T cells are tampered with in order to find and destroy cancer.

This method can achieve radical results, as it moves the patient from a state of death to recovery.

But this method is used on a small scale, and is only valid for certain types of cancer, where there is a specific target T cells are trained to monitor.

What is the idea of ​​the new treatment??

The idea is to take a blood sample from the patient’s cancer.

The T cells are then extracted from the sample, genetically modified and reprogrammed in order to gain a future capable of detecting cancer.

The modified cells are then transplanted in abundant numbers in the laboratory, before being re-injected into the patient. It is the same method used in treatment methods CAR-T.

The new method was tested only on animals and cells in the laboratory, so there is a need for safety checks before beginning human trials.


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