Buckingham Palace is preparing new directions for Harry and Megan … get to know them


LONDON, UK (CNN) – Buckingham Palace is preparing revised guidance on how to handle Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel’s abandonment of their royal duties, after publishing reports indicating that the Duchess of Sussex might be named as divorced in the royal family.

According to the palace, the surnames of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not subject to change, but updated guidelines are prepared on how to format the names.

Clarification of the palace comes after the directives were issued stating that the royal couple would be known as “Harry, Duke of Sussex”, and “Megan, Duchess of Sussex”, which means that Megan would be treated as a divorcee.

Sarah Ferguson adopted these formats, which are now known as “Sarah, the Duchess of York”, after her divorce from Prince Andrew, brother of Crown Prince Charles in 1996.

Buckingham Palace made clear that his previous guidance on the title of royal couple was wrong and that she was now consulting with Garter, the king of weapons, specializing in royal titles and protocols, to issue updated guidance.


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