British newspapers discuss bin Salman’s accusation of piracy of Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos’s phone


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In its electronic and paper versions, British newspapers continued Thursday morning to discuss the accusations against the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in pirating the phone of the owner of the Washington Post, billionaire American billionaire Jeff Bezos in various respects.

The Independent Online published a report by International Affairs correspondent Powers Draghi entitled “The United Nations: Bezos’ phone may have been subjected to piracy by Bin Salman”.

“On November 8, 2018, in the midst of accusations surrounding the killing of the Washington Post writer, Jamal Khashoggi, about 5 weeks ago, newspaper owner Jeff Bezos received a strange message on his cell phone,” Draghi said.

He added, “The message was a nude picture of the image of the anchor that Bezos was involved in a relationship with, and that was months before the matter was exposed, and more surprisingly, the one who sent the message according to reports is Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince.”

Draghi notes that this was the first time that Bezos had concerns that a phone was being hacked. Mostly, this was done by the actual ruler of Saudi Arabia, adding that two experts at the United Nations called on the organization to conduct an immediate investigation into these reports.

Draghi continues, “Agnes Kalamar, the UN rapporteur on the investigation of enforced disappearances, and David Kay, the organization’s delegate for freedom of expression, said that the information they gathered in recent months suggests that Bezos and others were the targets of a complex campaign of piracy and espionage masterminded by Saudi Arabia.”

Draghi confirms that “it is not yet confirmed whether Bin Salman himself was involved in hacking the Bezos phone and stealing the information that was later used to blackmail him, but the frequent information gathered by the United Nations rapporteurs suggests that Bin Salman or those around him are those who possessed the capabilities and the motivation to do so.”

Draghi notes that the message sent by Bin Salman to Bezos that led to the hacking of his phone was, according to reports, containing a Pegasus virus, a spy virus developed by the Israeli company NSO just two weeks before it was sent to Bezos.

“How and Why”

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The Daily Telegraph published a report to its correspondents, Rav Sanchez and Matthew Field, on the same topic entitled “The Crown Prince Finds Himself in the Open After the Battle of Billionaires.”

First, the report clarifies the circumstances that surrounded the beginning of the crisis in mid-2018, when the world was celebrating the young crown prince who presented to the Kingdom his vision for the Kingdom in 2030 heralding an era of openness to the world adopting a version of tolerant Islam.

He adds that “in those circumstances that suggest a spirit of confidence, bin Salman pressed the send button to send a message to Bezos account in the WhatsApp application on the iPhone (iPhone) and it had a video file infected with a spyware virus.”

“But the Saudi crown prince will soon realize that he met Nada, a man whose empire works in almost every region within this planet and is ready to use his incredible wealth to confront even the most powerful rulers in the world,” the report said, referring to Donald Trump, the US president.

He adds, “After about two years from this moment, Bin Salman’s reputation is in a deplorable state thanks to the Bezos forces that he used against him. The stubborn coverage of the Washington Post newspaper that Bezos bought in 2013 contributed to exposing the Saudi state’s role in the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and reinforced the voices that accuse Ben Salman. That he is personally responsible for the crime. ”

The report laments the Kingdom’s denial of the possibility that the Crown Prince was involved in hacking Bezos. But he also says, “For Prince Muhammad, it may seem that his personal involvement in this process is a major act of recklessness. But the personality of the young prince is also known for impulsivity, recklessness, aggressiveness and a desire to take risks.”

“When a Saudi official wanted to prevent the young prince from seizing a property, he reportedly sent a bullet to him in an envelope to earn himself the name (Abu Razzat). At a whim, he paid $ 550 million to buy a yacht in 2015 in southern France, and this behavior often seems to be the behavior.” The stereotype of a reckless young prince who grew up with tremendous wealth.

“Bin Salman has spent the past few weeks ditching his palaces in Riyadh with little public appearance, and it appears that the days when he may be welcomed by famous personalities or American technology companies seem like dreams after he is seen globally as a person Ostracized and accused that Khashoggi’s blood was still tarnishing his hands. ”

Security Report

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The Guardian published an analysis on the same topic for technology affairs correspondent Alex Herne titled “How did the United Nations connect Saudi Arabia with pirating the Bezos phone?”

“The United Nations’ request to investigate Bezos phone piracy came after seeing a security report for the FTI electronic security company about phone piracy,” Herren says, adding that after examining the Bezos phone, she reached a medium to high conviction that the phone was hacked because Actions taken through an account on the WhatsApp application, attributed to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to the same report, Herne adds that the virus that infected the Bezos phone was developed by one of two companies, either the Israeli company NSO or a piracy team, noting that the Israeli company vehemently denied that security means it produced were responsible for hacking a phone. Bezos.

Herne asserts that the security report that the United Nations relied on made it clear that both the companies NSO and (a piracy team), an Italian company, possessed the means that could theoretically be used in the process.

It shows that the virus was not in the video the Bezos received, but was present in the external file where the video was included.


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