Big bang shakes Houston American


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

A massive explosion rocked the American city of Houston, Texas, early Friday, leaving one person injured, broken windows, and noise from people from a distance in the area. The explosion occurred in the western part of the city.

American media reported one injury in an industrial building in Houston.

Plumes of smoke and flames could be seen rising from the area surrounding the explosion, while emergency vehicles gathered in the area.

“The stage is still full of events. Avoid the area,” wrote Samuel Pena, head of the Houston Fire Department. “We will provide statements of the possible cause of the explosion as soon as we have the correct information,” he added.

The location of the explosion in Houston
The location of the explosion in Houston

The Houston Fire Department said on Twitter that a team specializing in the handling of dangerous materials dealing with the situation in the area, and that at least one person was transferred to the hospital.

For its part, Houston police said on Twitter that the explosion occurred on Geessner Road, northwest of the city.

ABC’s KTRK channel said residents had reported windows and doors broken, and that at least one person was seen injured.

She explained that the explosion appeared to have started at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing.

In return, the company did not answer the phone.

Mike Eskovitz, a meteorologist at local Fox News, said the huge explosion was detected by local weather radar and was felt by people more than 32 kilometers away.

“The radar clearly shows this flash for a while,” he said.


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