Benghazi’s bloody attack … America condemns the murder of its ambassador


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On Friday, the United States announced the Libyan verdict Mustafa Imam Imprisonment for 19 years for his participation in the bloody attack that killed the American ambassador to Libya 8 years ago.

The US Department of Justice issued a statement announcing the Imam (47 years old) 19 years and 6 months in prison for his role in the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, which killed the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other American employees.

“We’ll find it and get it.”

“The imam played an important role in the terrorist attack that destroyed the American mission and the CIA building next to it in Benghazi,” prosecutor Jesse Liu said in a statement.

She also added that “the ruling issued today is a reminder that the safety of Americans – whether at home or abroad, civilians or otherwise – will always be our top priority,” and added, “Whoever commits a terrorist act will find him and bring him to justice.”

According to the plaintiffs, during the attack on the American consulate, the imam was in contact with Ahmed Abu Khattala, another Libyan who was captured by US forces in 2014 and also brought to the United States. In June 2018 he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his involvement in the attack.

The death of Stevens sparked a political storm, which was further aggravated by the Republican opposition to then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was shortcomed in protecting diplomats. This issue has clouded her campaign for the 2016 presidential election, which she lost to President Donald Trump.

Mustafa Imam after his arrest
Mustafa Imam after his arrest
Secret operation

And she was United States of AmericaOn October 30, 2017, it announced that its Special Security Forces had succeeded, after a covert operation, in arresting the terrorist Mustafa Al-Imam in the city of Misurata, on charges of involvement in the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

It is reported that Imam Libyan, of Palestinian origin, has embraced the ideas of extremist currents since the 1990s. The Abu Salim prison was placed in Tripoli in 2007, against the background of these affiliations.

He left prison in 2011 to join the revolutionaries in the fight against the Muammar Gaddafi regime, and then moved to Benghazi, where he was active with others in establishing the Ansar al-Sharia Group.

His Palestinian family has lived in Zliten, east of Tripoli, since the 1960s. And she obtained the citizenship that the Gaddafi regime was granting to Palestinian refugee families in Libya. Imam was not transferred to Benghazi except when he was released from Abu Salim prison in 2011 when he joined as a fighter in the “February 17 battalion” led by Ismail al-Salabi, brother of Ali al-Salabi, one of the most prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

Then he joined the “Ansar al-Sharia” group in 2012.


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