Basma Wahba threatens to expose a famous football player … and the public speculates what is meant


The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, opened fire on a famous footballer, who did not mention his name, and only said the first letter of his name “R”, indicating that he had supported the fans of the largest clubs in Egypt. According to the magazine (Fuchsia), Basma said on her television program, addressing her words to the well-known player: “Everyone stood in your back, the audience supported you unusually, and the administration supported you even though it was not used to providing this support to neglected players.”

She added: “After all, you are in the crisis during the night last week, in one of the places in the Nile Corniche, until the morning, and make everyone see you in the situation that you were in ?!”

And she added: “The commitment made Muhammad Salah a world star, and lack of commitment eliminates others like you, until you become trapped in the bench, despite the talent that you possess.”

Basma Wahba threatened the player with his scandal, saying: “I have pictures of you while you are in this place, and the situation that I was showing appears, I did not publish it out of respect for those who were with you, but next time I will publish it, so beware.”The audience linked the threats of Basma Wahba to Al-Ahly club player Saleh Juma, and they circulated the video heavily on social media, noting that the matter was completely clear and it was lacking to say his full name.

And Saleh Jumah was linked in many times, by staying up until the morning, with the casinos, and more than one image of him had previously been circulated with girls, which was pushing Al-Ahly to sign heavy penalties against him, and gave him many opportunities for commitment, until he missed last week’s practice 4 days in a row, for the club to decide to leave, whether it is a final sale or on loan.

The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, is one of the controversial figures. She wore the veil during her illness with breast cancer and then returned and removed it, and she married a Saudi businessman and adopted an orphan girl, then she married an Egyptian deputy, and she also raised many problems in her Sheikh Al-Harah program.

The return of Basma Wahba to present the programs comes after a suspension that lasted nearly 7 months since the cessation of the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program by a decision of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt due to the crisis of the artist’s Majid El Masry episode and his insult to black-skinned Africans, and after that the crisis escalated with Basma Wahba and the Cairo channel and the people who She was showing the program, so Basma decided to resign from the channel.

The Egyptian Media Syndicate Chairman, Tarek Saada, announced in a statement issued by his council that it was decided to stop the media, Basma Wahba, for violating the Media Syndicate Law No. 93 of 2016, which prohibits the practice of media activity without adhering to the union’s schedules or obtaining a permit to practice a profession.

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