Basma Wahba threatens Al-Ahly star with pictures of “Red Evening”


The media threatened Basma Wahba to a football player in the first team of Al-Ahly Club, Saleh Juma, knowing that she did not mention his name explicitly, but indicated to him some signs, among which was that his first name begins with the letter Al-Sad.

The media’s threats came to the player to publish a picture of him during the midnight evening in the Nile Corniche in Giza, due to his lack of commitment and discipline, especially what is known about him regarding his evening nights constantly.

We don’t think of the sweet years spent by his club, a talented player and took all the support from the club and from the fans .. Take the support and support of his head other player and yet he was determined to fail and failed all who stood by him. ”

During his presentation of her program “Every Day” on the channel “ON E”, she added: “He decided to complete in the way of being lost .. And the people of the football know that commitment is what makes a football player stay in the sky like Salah … and lack of commitment is the one who destroys many talents like the player What we are talking about today is .. He is on the bench and has many problems, even though he is in the club of any player in Egypt that he wishes, but he would go back to him. ”

Basma directed her speech to the player, saying: “You are the player of his club the most patient in Egypt, and all people were envied by the impatience of your club against you, unusually. For the morning, you know where it is !! At the Nile Corniche Giza .. I thought? What did you gain from what you did there and what you were in it? How do you look before people who were the base of yours and your audience ?!

She concluded her speech: «For your information, I am satisfied with you, download your photo for the people who were with you, but next time I will say your name, so keep in mind.”

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